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ALEA KAY is a master of improvisation who aims to empower people to live their fullest potential through her performance. Using her kaleidoscopic array of skills, a seemingly limitless imagination and a touch of magic, she is the only person in the world that interactively weaves lyrics in seven languages, melodies and chords into coherent stories and complete compositions on the spot, completely improvised. The songs sound like you've heard them on the radio!

Blessed with a 4 octave vocal range and an angelic voice, Alea sings on festival stages and at intimate gatherings, where her ability to tune into the crowd leaves people amazed and deeply inspired. All of this with great profundity yet with whimsy and a sense of fun.

The concept: a life improvised, is a life well lived. Demystify creation as exclusive and/or complicated.

Alea Kay performs with amazing musicians from all over the world. Together they improvise everything they play, often meeting just before the show.

Alea Kay is a fascinating artist defying categorisation or description, congenially accessible yet never failing to mesmerise.

A must hear!

COLLABORATIVE SONGS When working with corporate or public group audiences, Alea Kay effortlessly crafts melodies and words into entire songs in the moment. These interactive transformational improvisations are a co-creation with direct input from the audience, painting the moment, summing up the essence, or revealing what still needs to be said. This can take a variety of Alea also does wrap-up songs. Here, she distills the essence from keynote speeches, discussion panels or day program and drives home the essence in a song that sounds so accessible it could play on the radio. Alea does this with striking insightfulness and with a lot of humor. Her clients are TedX, Start up Delta, The Dutch Embassy in SF, Barclays Bank, ING bank. Contact us to discuss possible collaborations

INDIVIDUAL SONGS Alea's visionary talent tunes into each guest's emotional, physical and mental life situation to create/compose and sing their individual songs. At the core of her philosophy is the belief/knowledge that each moment of human life provides an opportunity for the deepest transformation, a chance to connect with one’s inner flow. Contact us to talk about the options.


SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS Alea Kay is an inspirational speaker who did various TED talks, explaining and performing her unique musical improvisations and links that to the greater purpose for all to flow in life. She also works with corporations and conferences, who book her for inspirational talks and performances, which support business transformation.

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