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"It has been such a beautiful, abundant, soft, gentle and loving space of transformation and connection. You are doing it so beautifully and pure Lex. Nothing more is needed. thank you."

"Alea Kay, what's in a name. The best, the purest and most soul shaking experience ever! OMG! Love you, thank you."

"Every time i work with Lexy something shifts in me and something happens what can not be described in words." 

"I already have friends who want to sign up - for me it is the easiest ‘sell’ in the world. Do you want to be happy? To you want to feel yourself fully? To you want to access joy and ease beyond your dreams? You do? ..Ok, do MOP !."  

"Yes.....I will be using the resources on this course regularly. And I would love to journey again with new people, and also encourage friends and MORE family to come along for the ride. This is where it is at - don’t waste your time elsewhere.." 

"Even though it wasn't one of my aims, I am drinking, smoking less. I have been exercising daily, connecting with source daily. I have been more present with taking daily steps to progress, more patient with those around me, more allowing, less fearful. AND I don't think I've got angry with anyone AT ALL this whole time!! With the state of the world and other 'stuff' outside of my life however 'here' it's been so much easier to see and own my thoughts, feelings, judgements, projections and not get caught up in them. Feel freer in myself, closer to loving."
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