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Coach and Master Improviser

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Within each moment lies a song and an opportunity for growth

Mother Of Pearl Retreat Ibiza starts June 25, 2022

Individual Coaching
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M.O.P. Course

These are the subjects in the program over the 5 weeks:


* Week 1 : Connect to yourself, body, mind, heart & soul through repeating a 20 minute guided meditation and a song

* Week 2 : Connect to mother earth, the mother of earthly life through repeating a 20 minute guided meditation and song

* Week 3 : Connect to life around you, visible and invisible through repeating a 20 minute guided meditation and a song

* Week 4 : Connect to the divine essence through repeating a 20 minute guided meditation and a song

* Week 5 : Connect to your purpose through repeating a 20 minute guided meditation and a song

Mother Of Pearl


Mother Of Pearl Course

M.O.P. is a transformative 5 week course starting September 2022, with daily 20 min guided meditations for your mornings and a weekly changing Soulsong to listen to during your day. 

You can do the entire program in your own time! All classes are recorded and can be rewatched. The course takes place online on Mighty Networks and being part of a community doing the program is part of the journey.

We have weekly Zoom calls, with co-created songs, a meditation, sharing and guidance. Every week there is a lot of extra curriculum with nutritional advice and various classes and extra videos and tips and teachings.

Everybody in the course receives their own personal Soulsong in one of the 5 weeks!


Palm Trees

Soulsong Retreat 

Are you ready to live your full potential and get rid of non serving patterns?

The SoulSong retreat is an unique healing and transformational method that actually works! 

Alea Kay will guide you to a clear connection to yourself and your purpose and helps you identify and breaks through limiting beliefs and stuck patterns. Her work enables you to verbalize your needs with great ease.

The work with SoulSong concerts and guided meditations, gestalt therapy, breath work, vegan activated food and yoga is practical and is applicable by yourself after the retreat.

- Identifying and clearing limiting beliefs

- Creating positive behavioural patterns 
- Reconnecting to the moment releasing looking back or planning ahead
- Expressing our upmost authentic, personal and professional voice

-Identifying your full potential

The Self

Mother Earth

All Life





Singer, Coach, Speaker

ALEA KAY is an internationally renowned vocalist and a master of improvisation who acts as a bridge to connect people with their inner truth and empowers them to live their fullest potential.


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